xAvalanche Bagatelle
xAvalanche Bagatelle

xAvalanche Bagatelle

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A mountain of fun. The seeming simplicity of the Avalanche bagatelle is what adds to its addictive allure. The marble shoots up and around the ski jump spinning wildly toward the landing shelves. Points are made by getting the marble to stay on either of the landing shelves, or if an Avalanche occurs, by skill shooting the re-fire into the 3-point hole. It’s a mountain of fun with a cup of Hot Chocolate or a long stemmed glass.

We have followed bagatelle tradition by including the rules on the back of the machine, it creates an easy reference point if a question arises. Variations of game play are included for lasting interest.

Made to be hung as a fine art print when not in use, the Avalanche can easily and beautifully be displayed.